Wishing You a Radiant Labor Day Weekend and a Bright Back-to-School Time!

Dear Valued Patients and Friends of Eggert Family Dentistry,

As we stand at the threshold of a delightful confluence – the exuberant Labor Day weekend and the much-anticipated return to school – we extend to you our warmest greetings and well wishes. Dr. Jeff Eggert and Dr. Elizabeth Eggert, along with the entire team, want you to know how truly grateful we are to have you as a part of our dental family.

Labor Day is not just a day off but a tribute to your hard work, determination, and dedication. It’s a time to pause, take a breath, and celebrate the progress you’ve made on your life journey. As you savor this long weekend, may your hearts be light, your laughter be infectious, and your smiles be radiant reflections of the joy you bring to those around you.

The back-to-school season, filled with anticipation and potential, is also upon us. Dr. Jeff Eggert, Dr. Elizabeth Eggert, and our team want to extend our encouragement to all the students venturing into new horizons of knowledge and personal growth. May your pursuit of education be marked by curiosity, perseverance, and those “aha” moments that make learning so exhilarating.

At Eggert Family Dentistry, your smiles are our priority, and we’re here to ensure your oral health is in its best form. As you dive into your schedules, remember to take a moment for self-care and maintain those beautiful smiles that light up our practice. If it’s time for your regular recare visit or if you have any questions, remember that our doors are open to serve you.

This Labor Day weekend, as you reflect on your achievements and embrace the promise of the back-to-school season, let your spirits soar and your smiles shine brightly. Dr. Jeff Eggert, Dr. Elizabeth Eggert, and our entire team are here to support you on your journey, ensuring that your dental health remains as vibrant as your aspirations.

From our hearts to yours, have a joyful Labor Day weekend and a splendid return to school!

Warmest Regards,

Dr. Jeff Eggert, Dr. Elizabeth Eggert, and the Eggert Family Dentistry Team

One thought on “Wishing You a Radiant Labor Day Weekend and a Bright Back-to-School Time!”

  1. I want to Thank you Dr. Elizabeth for the Brilliant and sculpted replacement of my veneers. They were over 30 years old, and starting to breakdown. It was always in my mind that I shouldn’t smile anymore when pictures were taken. I just wanted to be able to feel confident again. They are Beautiful, and bright! Dr. E really has a skill to sculpt what’s needed for a precise fit for you!

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