Why Choose Eggert Family Dentistry for Your Child’s Dental Care

By: Dr. Elizabeth Eggert

When it comes to your child’s dental health, choosing the right dentist is crucial. At Eggert Family Dentistry in North Oaks, MN, Dr. Jeff Eggert and Dr. Elizabeth Eggert provide comprehensive dental care tailored for the entire family, including children. With our extensive experience and a deep understanding of dental health from infancy through adulthood, we offer a comforting and thorough approach to pediatric dental care in addition to adolescent and adult care. Our practice is equipped with the latest technology and designed to create a welcoming environment for young patients, ensuring that your child feels at ease during every visit.

One of the key advantages of bringing your child to Dr. Jeff and Dr. Elizabeth Eggert is our ability to monitor your child’s growth and development from an early age. Unlike pediatric dentists who might be well versed to take care of extensive childhood decay in a hospital setting, since they focus solely on children, they don’t always have the perspective of what happens in adulthood if some disorders are left untreated.  The Eggert’s bring a family-focused perspective that allows us to see the bigger picture of your child’s dental health in the context of the entire family’s oral care and development. By having your child visit the same dentist from a young age, you can ensure that their development is continuously monitored, and any potential issues are identified and addressed promptly.

Parents often face the dilemma of choosing between a general family dentist and a pediatric specialist for their children. While pediatric dentists have specialized training in child-specific dental issues, especially when related to severe decay on primary teeth, Dr. Jeff and Dr. Elizabeth Eggert’s broad expertise means they can provide high-quality care that meets the needs of your entire family. We are happy to start seeing your child before the age of 1 years old, but for children over the age of 8, it is especially beneficial for them to see Dr. Jeff and Dr. Elizabeth because this is a crucial time for growth and it allows for a consistent approach to dental health. We can track developmental milestones and intervene early if necessary. This continuity of care can lead to better long-term dental health outcomes for your child.

Moreover, our practice is designed to make dental visits a positive experience for children. We use child-friendly language and techniques to help young patients understand the importance of dental hygiene without feeling intimidated. The warm and inviting atmosphere at Eggert Family Dentistry, combined with our gentle approach, helps in building a positive relationship with dental care from an early age. Choosing Dr. Jeff and Dr. Elizabeth Eggert at Eggert Family Dentistry ensures that your child receives personalized, attentive care that will set the foundation for a lifetime of healthy smiles.  Call us today at 651-482-8412 to schedule your child’s next dental visit!

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