How a Smile Impacts Confidence – Richard’s Story

By: Dr. Elizabeth Eggert

How did this start?

Richard came to us first as a new patient last winter needing comprehensive care and a restorative plan to fix teeth that were breaking down. At the time of his first exam, Richard had many teeth throughout his mouth that had lost fillings, fractured or cracked and he knew things were starting to break down. Dr. Elizabeth also noted a decent amount of decay contributing to the breakdown and we recommended Richard go through our records process so that she could delve deeper into underlying causes behind his lost fillings, cracked, and broken teeth.

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What did Richard want?

What did Richard want? Richard had noticed his teeth were starting to break down. He was losing fillings and his teeth were breaking. Prior to seeing Dr. Elizabeth, Richard would “patch” his teeth when things were broken, but he wanted to take a more comprehensive approach to prevent further damage. He wanted to have his teeth healthy again. Specifically, Richard wanted his teeth to function better for him long into the future. He had many broken teeth, decayed teeth, and wanted to know what he should do.

What was revealed during the records process?

Dr. Elizabeth used models, photos, and x-rays of Richard’s teeth along with our thorough muscle and joint evaluation results to present Richard with the current health of his teeth, gums, and the function of his jaw and muscles. The details of the records process revealed that in addition to the decay, the position of Richard’s teeth caused him to bite down unevenly. This was accelerating the breakdown of his teeth. This deterioration was negatively impacting both the esthetics and function of his teeth. It was hard to get Richard even to smile. Richard needed a full mouth reconstruction to rebuild what had broken down and bring his teeth back to a healthier state.

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What does Richard think?

“I think the process is amazing. You guys have been the most impressive part about this process – making something that isn’t pleasant a fun thing to do. I would most certainly recommend Dr. Elizabeth and her team if someone I knew was considering getting this done.”

Look at how Richard smiles more easily now. It is amazing how a smile can change your confidence!

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