A Brighter, More Even Smile – Julie’s Story

By: Dr. Elizabeth Eggert

How did this start?
Julie came to us in February of 2016 hoping to replace the bridge that was placed when she was in the 10th grade because it no longer matched her other anterior teeth. She was interested in improving the look of her smile, but it was very important to her to make sure her teeth had a natural appearance. Julie had heard our team was experienced in cosmetic dentistry and was interested in what we could do for her!

What did Julie want?
Julie wanted to start her transformation by achieving a brighter smile with the Philips 2 week at-home system. Her goal was to get a natural-looking white and more consistent coloring in her front teeth. After the whitening, she was interested in getting more even length and spacing in her upper front teeth with veneers and a new bridge.

What was involved?
We started out by taking records to get a better picture of what treatment would be required to reach Julie’s goals. Dr. Michael Furey recommended Julie start with Invisalign to allow for the most even looking smile and then placing veneers on 3 front teeth as well as a new bridge for the other 3 front teeth. Julie received her first set of Invisalign trays in June of 2016. She was great about following the Invisalign treatment plan and schedule, and was able to complete the treatment in 7 months. Julie then met with Dr. Elizabeth to create a plan to place the veneers and bridge. It turned out Julie needed the help of Dr. Alejandro Aguirre to retreat a root canal on her traumatized tooth. After that was completed, Dr. Elizabeth completed the procedures needed for her new teeth.

What does she think?
Julie felt some anxiety and skepticism at first, but knew the work needed to be done to create the look and function she desired. She felt much more confident after meeting with the doctors and team. Julie said, “I’m so glad I did it! You all have helped me get through it! I catch myself in the mirror looking at how great they look. I’m very happy!” Julie has even motivated her sister to go through similar treatment and says she encourages anyone to go forward with it. We are so happy to have worked with Julie. She came to us as a “cosmetic” patient and she now sees us for her recare and maintenance as well. It means the world to us that Julie has placed her trust in us!

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  1. Thank you for sharing my dental journey. I hope it helps others to take the first step… to a brighter smile! It was a process and I am so thankful for your perfection & patience with me. I am so happy with my bright smile! Dr. Elizabeth Eggert & her crew are patient, kind and so gifted. Thank you, thank you!! :-). Julie.

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