‘Tis the season for choosing just the right gift!

We have received a number of emails, calls and questions from patients about Waterpiks. Waterpiks can make wonderful gifts.

Waterpiks are effective at forcing food particles and flushing bacteria out from in between the teeth and below the gums where floss can’t always reach, the surge of the water is an excellent source of stimulation as well. All of these things aid in healthier gums. Waterpiks cannot take the place of flossing, however, because floss mechanically removes plaque off the sides of the teeth and slides through the contacts between the teeth, a very important action needed to help prevent cavities.

If you have any compromises that don’t allow you to floss like braces or health or dexterity limitations, then the Waterpik can be a very helpful oral hygiene tool. Beware though, They can be messy and just like flossing they do take practice to be successful.

We recommend, floss to loosen plaque and then use the Waterpik to flush away loose plaque & food debris, followed by brushing with a fluoride toothpaste.

So by all means add a Waterpik to your daily routine , Santa knows just where to find one!

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