A Refreshed Smile – Sarah’s Story

By: Dr. Elizabeth Eggert


How did this start?

Sarah mentioned at her recare appointment that she noticed areas of recession around her veneers and wanted to have new veneers done to fill in the recession areas. Sarah was happy with the shape of her current veneers but wanted whiter teeth and a brighter smile. Sarah had veneers originally done in 1999. They had held up well but were not providing the youthful appearance Sarah desired. Dr. Elizabeth agreed that new veneers would be placed on her front six teeth for optimal aesthetics and to help her lower teeth match, Sarah would do simple bleaching with over-the-counter White Strips.

What did Sarah want?

Sarah wanted to refresh her smile. She wanted a brighter smile and better looking teeth. She didn’t like the darkness along the gum line of her current veneers. Sarah’s other teeth were healthy overall. Sarah has followed through with past treatment recommendations, and maintains a regular recare schedule with our hygienist to help her maintain optimal dental health. Sarah started with a solid foundation to create a more aesthetically pleasing smile for her without having to address any functional or other biological concerns.


Sarah's Smile Before
Sarah’s Smile Before

What was involved?

Dr. Elizabeth used photos and x-rays of Sarah’s teeth. When Sarah came to her preparation appointment she looked in the mirror and discussed the shade she desired for her new veneers, and she noticed when she smiled that she could see dark crowns further back in her mouth and also wanted to replace those at the same time so everything matched. She wanted to be completely happy with her new smile, so Dr. Elizabeth included those teeth for her as well.

What does Sarah think?

“I wanted to look nicer and wanted to have my 17-year-old veneers replaced. I would recommend anyone who is considering it to do it. I think they look lovely and I am so thankful for my beautiful new smile!”


Sarah's Smile After
Sarah’s Smile After

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